About Adelaide Oval Bowling Club

The Adelaide Oval Bowling Club has a long history. It’s origins are recorded in 1897. Today AOBC enjoys it’s social game as well as participation in the Adelaide Metropolitan Bowls Association’s pennant competition. It’s aim each year is to field three teams of  four who can join the Wednesday and Saturday competitions. The Club has over sixty members most of  whom meet regularly on Tuesdays at the clubhouse for an informal roll-up. Arrival at 10am and home by around 1pm. On three or four occasions each year, in spring and summer, the members also play in the evening, again very informally, following a BBQ meal in the clubhouse. These occasions provide an opportunity for members’ partners and wives to experience the bowling club’s fellowship and to introduce new members to the game. The Club is administered by the President and a committee of  eight or nine members. The formalities of  the Club are contained in it’s Constitution and the widely used Rules of  Bowls. These can be accessed from the MEMBERS drop down menu of  this website. The Committee members for 2020/2021 are: President:    Ross Tilly  Vice President:   Rob Corpe Treasurer:    Murry Fielder Secretary:    Dean Davies Past President:   John Scales Members: Henry Krichauff, Dick Blandy, David Escourt-Hughes, David Wotton Club Champion: Rob Corpe
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